Some Youtube video to give you an idea of my sound..

This is ‘Still in Love With You‘ by Thin Lizzy live at an open mic in 2015 in Gnosall, Staffordshire. I was accompanied here by a group of very talented local musicians – this was totally unrehearsed. Thanks to John Dougill on percussion, Tony Rodberg on lead guitar, Dave Pickard on harmonica and Tom Wojtulewicz on bass. Filmed by the omnipresent and awesome David Barrs.

The second video is ‘Heeby Jeeby’ (or possibly ‘Heeby Jeebies’) which I think is by Little Richard. I first heard this version by Richard Thompson, and love playing it. Here accompanied by Jake Clarke Matthews on cajon at a fundraiser evening for Staffordshire University student foodbank in 2016. Filmed again by David Barrs.

Finally, this is ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ by Keane, filmed at home on a mobile. I think this is partially the Lily Allen version!

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